Emergency Crisis Management and Crisis Communication

This 2 days course is designed for participants ranging from head-hunters to people who manage M&E remotely. Anyone who deals with people or needs to extract information from them (journalists or police) would need to better understand how Human Intelligence (HUMINT) can support them

This course is designed to describe the process of intelligence and to point out how the law enforcement agencies may apply intelligence to combat organized crime. How to explore the structure, training, staffing, and security of intelligence units and to provide guidelines for law enforcement intelligence units to improve their overall management. And how to present trends in the law as they may now and in the future impinge on the mission and functioning of the intelligence unit of law enforcement agencies.

Access to this course is not restricted.

  • Understanding how the brain registers a crisis and the issues of permacrisis
  • General Expectations
  • Structures for Crisis Management teams and Emergency Response teams
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities—does internal culture dictate this?
  • Activation Process, Key Decision Points, and Timelines—and how it goes wrong
  • Formulating a Robust Crisis Management Workplan and manual and what not to do
  • Recognizing the Criticality of the First Half Hour
  • Principles of Effective Crisis Communications
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement Strategies
  • Utilizing Communication Channels and Platforms
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Crisis Communications Team
  • Establishing a Chronology for Information Updates
  • Implementing a Crisis Communications Checklist
Complete  this course to receive the certificate of completion for “Emergency Crisis Management and Crisis Communication” course 

Aaron Le Boutillier MSc has been involved in aviation, corporate security, executive protection and investigations since leaving the UK Police force in 1997. Since then Aaron has been involved in writing and delivering in-flight aviation security programs for airlines the world over and has trained over 40,000 cabin crew in all aspects of in-flight security.

He is currently retained by several large MNC’s to act as outsourced head of security and crisis management advisor and by several companies on a 24/7 crisis call out capacity. He has run executive protection details for some of the world’s most prominent business men and conducts specific defensive tactics courses (weaponize your body) to Special Force Operators and Royal Thai Police Commandoes in Thailand where he is fluent in spoken and written Thai. Aaron received his honorary wings from the Thai Special Forces (Special Operations Command, Lop Buri) in 2019 for his work as CPO to Eilon Musk in the Chiang Rai cave rescue.

Aaron has provided executive protections services for the C.E.O. of Northrop Grumman, Mike Tyson and Eilon Musk and other high-profile C.E.O’s.

An author of a best-selling book, Aaron has also produced a DVD on breakaway skills and continues to give motivational and educational talks on his many experiences ranging from being a sole survivor of the 2004 tsunami and completing the famous Marathon De Sables in 2015 and the grueling 6-day Coastal Challenge run in Costa Rica.


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