Testimonial 1

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER Over the past 4 months I have been preparing for the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner exam using the specially developed Counter Terrorism Practitioner course. The CCTP program and certification provides the verification of my skills and security experience and is important for every modern security professionalin the field of Counter-Terrorism. I …

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Testimonial 10

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER Having been in the armed and unarmed security industry for more than a decade and on-going, I have always wanted to obtain a recognized counter terrorism credential. CCTP certification has been developed by the counter terrorism and security experts with strong military and security background and its unique credential provides proof …

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Testimonial 9

CERTIFIED PHYSICAL SECURITY CONSULTANT With his CCTP and CPSC certifications with CTCB Jasmond endaevours to further his contributions to the fields of Phisical Security (PS) and Counter Terrorism (CT) as a knowledgeable and skilled professional and consultant. 

Testimonial 8

CERTIFIED INTELLIGENCE ANALYST As a leading authority in professional counter-terrorism and security practices, Counter Terrorism Certification Board is recognised for its expertise andnetwork. CCTP and CITA are two certifications that industry practitioners seek to enhance their competency and professional standing. KENNETH BOEY 

Testimonial 7

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER As a Head of Security and Operations, continuous updates and upgrading of skills set will be the key essential directions as to optimise, mitigate and fulfill the expectation with demands in Counter Terrorism. 

Testimonial 6

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER With CCTP certification by CTCB, James is committed in leading teams, enhance training and driving operational excellence in Counter Terrorism by as a Law Enforcement Officer. 

Testimonial 5

CERTIFIED PHYSICAL SECURITY CONSULTANT Security is based on trust and security consultants must show that they have the knowledge and ability to be a trusted adviser. We need to continually test and measure ourselves in order to gain that trust. DAVID SLATTER

Testimonial 4

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER Having experience in the field of security is integral however equally, having a recognized certification like CCTP, gives the stakeholders, management and staff a sense of trust that you will keep them safe. The CCTP course gives a great refresher for those who have gone through similar courses and great for …

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Testimonial 3

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER As a director of Security for Banda Group International with over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security, Consulting and Corporate Security, I highly encourage security professionals, first responders and emergencymanagement personnel to pursue CCTP” Best weapon you have is knowledge. CHRIS KURTZHALS

Testimonial 2

CERTIFIED COUNTER TERRORISM PRACTIONER CCTP is a great program on crisis management, especially for the terrorism and violence scenarios. It talks about identification and prevention of threats and introduces the proactive mindset to prepare and response to terrorism and other critical incidents. I found it is very useful and helpful for modern security professionals to build …

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