CTCB Programme Director receives Singapore Security Industry Award (SSIA)

Singapore Security Industry Awards

This December (2020), our CTCB Programme Director, Mr. Yaniv Peretz, received several Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA) for his work as a security consultant in a project for SGX. His role as a listed Competent Person (Security) under the Infrastructure Protection Act demands experience, dedication to constant learning and adaptation for the countering of terrorism, and skill with teamwork and tech.

The initial stage applied industry best-practices in security by design, and the year and a half long process concluded with implementation.

This project won 3 out of 4 security technology awards:

  • Excellence in IDP Solutions
  • Excellence in Job Redesign
  • Excellence in VA Implementation

As of November 2020, Mr. Yaniv Peretz is one amongst 42 security consultants in Singapore that meets requirements for a Competent Person (Security) as defined in the legislation. The Ministry of Home Affairs carries out a strict approval process and regularly publishes an updated list.

The Infrastructure Protection Act took effect in 2018, with the intent to better form and prepare the nation’s built environment for terrorist intent and action. For structures and infrastructure of strategic and/or symbolic value, an appointed Competent Person must be engaged to prepare a security plan and incorporate principles such as security by design.

Appointment of a consultant for the entirety of a development process ensures maximum mitigation of potential threats: Not only by clever risk & cost-effective architectural choices, but considering the best possible working modes and smart building technologies for future security personnel.

Achievement of 3 out of the 4 technology awards for the SGX flagship project is a testament to the passion, dedication, and skill of the consultants and client.

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