Suicide Bomber – A Bomb on the Human Platform

Course Content

Welcome to the course
Module 1: Introduction to the Threat
Module 2: Suicide Bombing as a Strategic Weapon
Module 3: Historical Perspective
Module 4: Suicide Bombing Trends
Module 5: Radicalization
Module 6: Recruitment and Motivational Factors
Module 7: The Stages of the Suicide Bomber Attack
Module 8: Terror Organizations Perspective
Module 9: Inside the Terrorist Mind
Module 10: Threat of Explosive Devices
Module 11: The Impact of Suicide Bombing Attacks
Module 12: Types of Devices
Module 13: Modus Of Operandi
Module 14: Potential Targets and Threat Environments
Module 15: Misperception
Module 16: Who is a Suicide Bomber?
Module 17: Suspicious Indicators
Module 18: Main Issues in Handling Suicide Bomber
Module 19: Security Countermeasures
Module 20: On a Different Note
Module 21: Course Summary

Your instructor

Yaniv Peretz

A highly skilled security professional with over 19 years of experience in the industry, Yaniv Peretz has designed various training programs as well as serving as an advisor to many critical infrastructures in South East Asia, United States of America & Europe.

In 2000, Yaniv was part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Israel and played a role in the commanding force when Israel withdrew from Lebanon during the warfare of the South Lebanon conflict. After joining the Embassy of Israel in Spain in 2001, Yaniv went on to serve in the Embassies in the world before joining the Embassy of Israel in Singapore in 2002 as a Senior Security Agent.

In this prestigious role, he planned security strategies, designed scenarios and implemented protection methods for daily routines, special events as well as exigent circumstances. Mr Peretz is being invited on regular basis as speaker to various security conferences and events and is being interviewed as subject matter expert on regular basis to newspapers and TV media.

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