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  • Intake dates: 24-26 July / 2-4 October / 27-29 November
  • Location: Singapore

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The program is meant for intelligence professionals.

Prepare the right way for the CITA exam. This online, self-paced course provides in-depth information on each CITA domain, saves your time, and will enable you to effectively put analysis principles into your organization. The course features a pre- and post-test, along with 6 learning modules built to help you succeed in your journey towards CITA certification.

For reasons of security and public responsibility, this Course is restricted to specific audiences. We require that all students to apply for admission to restricted courses by completing the application form for eligibility and identity verification purpose. All statements made by students to establish their credibility are subject to verification and any misrepresentation or omission of information is ground for rejection.

Counter Terrorism Certification Board reserves the right to deny admittance to anyone where verification of qualifications or credentials has not been obtained. CTCB also reserves the right to reject any applications for enrolment based on its discretionary assessment of the student’s statements and/or qualifications.

To receive a certificate of completion, participants are required to do the following:
Fill up the course enrolment form
Receive approval from CTCB administration office for your course enrolment
Complete each and every unit
Pass each and every unit quiz
No certificate will be awarded to participants who do not meet the above completion requirements.

Computer Requirements

CTCB ON DEMAND fully supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Chromebook platforms. Support is available for ios (iPads) and Android Tablets. While smart phones can be used, the screens are too small to display all of the aspects of the Virtual Classroom. For the best online learning experience, the use of a device with a larger screen is HIGHLY recommended. A physical keyboard is also recommended.

Certification of Completion

Complete this course to earn certification of completion for “Certified Intelligence Analyst” course.

Course Instructors

Mr. Angelo Bani
Course Instructor

Mr. Angelo Bani Course Instructor

The Instructor joined the Italian National Police in 1986 as a Police Constable and had moved up the ranks to become a Police Senior Chief Inspector within Criminal Investigation Depts, and working at the Central Directorate of Criminal Police in Rome, seconded to the INTERPOL, International Criminal Police Organisation as a Criminal Intelligence Officer. He was Manager of the INTERPOL Counter Terrorism Fusion Task Force within the Public Safety and Terrorism sub directorate, dealing with terrorism and counter terrorism information in the Asian-Pacific region. (FTF project Pacific). He was also appointed as a Counter Terrorism Capacity Building Officer for Asia and Africa within the INTERPOL Capacity Building and Training Directorate.

He has spent several years as Specialised Officer at the INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon (France), dealing with border management projects and before at a United Nation specialised Agency in Rome as Security Assistant. He was previously Head of Detective Units at the Italian National Police Criminal Investigation departments.

His international experience with INTERPOL includes investigative missions in India, Iraq, Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, Timor Leste, Thailand, Colombia and Salvador. He represented INTERPOL at a number of international conferences, organised training courses in the Asia- Pacific region and Central Africa and published a restricted secure website related to CT information and OSINT for the use of CT Officers and analysts.

During the years 2010 and 2011, he was invited as instructor and course mentor in the Counter Terrorism Program organised by the Australian Federal Police for the benefit of the Special Department of Investigation of the Ministry of Justice in Bangkok, Thailand and units of the Royal Thai Police, following during the years 2012 – 2021 as law enforcement trainer within specific SE Asian regional programs of UNODC and IOM. During the last 9 years he was also a visiting lecturer at the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at NTU University in Singapore in the frame of their Terrorism Analysts Course.

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