16 April 2021:  CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 10

2nd April 2021: : CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 9

As anti-terrorism legislation ramps up around the world, intelligence, urban security systems, and neuro-technology become more critical parts of the countering toolbox. Migrations and porous borders (multi-domain) remain threats to political cooperation and stability.

2nd April 2021: Achievement. Mr. Michael Duval obtains the CCTP credential

30th March 2021: Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner course goes online, ONDEMAND

29th March 2021: Webinar – Physical Security Automation (Systems as Investment)

24th March 2021: Webinar – Integrated Defensive Design: Data Centre Security

19th March 2021: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 8

5th March 2021: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 7

An ICSVE panel discussion on QAnon and cults is combined with historic terror and the Unabomber’s manifesto.

19th February 2021: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 6

A new concept of the ‘weak state’ is addressed in the readings. Gaps exploited by violent entrepreneurs include economy,hierarchy, and technology. Cultural militarisation and problems of the war frame in domestic counter-terrorism are noted.

15th February 2021: Webinar – Spy Women

4th February 2021: Achievement. CPSC credential holders may apply to undergo evaluation as listed Competent
Persons under the Infrastructure Protection Act (MHA, Singapore)

3rd February 2021: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 5

Market-based technologies drive trends in international extremism and terrorism financing, e.g. via cryptocurrencies. Security and counter-terrorism units may review personnel policies, but continue to rely on visible flags in intelligence gathering rather than comparative data analysis. Both approaches have downsides.

22nd January 2021: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 4

Advantages and disadvantages of censorship are noted. As political crimes change from cell-based attacks to mass unrest, CPTED concepts may need to adapt, e.g. CCTV for evidence and arrests. Crisis and uncertainty are linked to amygdala activity, and its role in the radicalisation process.

8th January 2021: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 3

Cyber security and physical security are becoming design stage priorities. Irregular warfare is changing to remote modes like drones, UAVs, and virtual hits, while online training and certification in security and counter-terrorism increases. TVRA best practices have to note redundancy design, data and flow, not just human vulnerabilities.

18th December 2020: Achievement. CCTP Mr. Adam Chan obtains the CPSC credential

11th December 2020: CTCB State of Play Newsletter No. 2

Lessons from decades of counter-insurgency (COIN) are suggested for current and future counter-terrorism jobs. Societal vulnerability vs threats are considered in light of trends in urban and information warfare.

9th December 2020: Webinar – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

7th December 2020: Webinar – Actionable Intelligence & Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft

4th December 2020: Achievement. The Singapore Security Industry Awards (SSIA). Mr. Peretz attends and receives 3 of 4 security technology awards.

3rd December 2020: Webinar – From the Enemy to the Informer

27th November 2020: Send out of the first CTCB State of Play Newsletter

On the challenges of intelligence analysis and action, as well as risks arising from media silos and isolation. Disruption of deradicalisation programmes and pro-social resources is a concern.

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