About the CTCB

Our Story

The Counter Terrorism Certification Board was founded in 2013 and began its first certification scheme – the Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP). In recognition of the complex and acute threat of terrorism worldwide, our founders identified a serious need for standardisation and certification in the counter-terrorism and security industry.

To address this requirement, our founders and members have worked consistently to shape practices and education in the counter-terrorism, security, and safety fields. Course programmes and learning modes are regularly added and adjusted for relevance and tactical and strategic validity for practicing professionals.

Who are we

Despite the dynamic and fast-moving nature of the world we live in, terrorism and security threats remain a pervasive concern and risk, regardless of location. As such, there is a global imperative to prioritize the safety of not only individuals but also assets and the wider community.

At the Counter Terrorism Certification Board (CTCB), we strive to elevate the standard of operation and awareness across security industries. Our mission is to educate on various techniques that can be employed to mitigate or overcome complex and multifarious risks in the daily lives of corporates, governmental institutions, and the general public.

As an internationally recognized Certification Body, CTCB serves as a global benchmark for personnel certification programs in the security industry. Our aim is to ensure that trained security professionals operate in a consistent, comparable, and reliable manner worldwide, empowering them to utilize their skills across different geographic and strategic contexts.

We offer a range of certifications that can be taken either in-person or online, including the widely recognized Certified Counter Terrorism Practitioner (CCTP) qualification for security professionals. As the only officially accredited certification in its field, CCTP provides formal recognition of achievement, acknowledging the competence, skillsets, and professional knowledge required to make a positive contribution to domestic and global security.

Our Mission

To foster awareness and integration of the evolving security industry, and to enhance the counter-terrorism competencies, standards, and relevance of security and law enforcement professionals.

Our Values


We have a passion for innovation. As security, safety, and counter-terrorism professionals our goal is to stay ahead of our opponents.


We build and support a world-class team whose expertise, knowledge, and modernisation is a key aspect of our reputation.


We set and intend high standards for the security, safety, and counter-terrorism community.


We are committed to open and honest communication with our clients, employees, stakeholders, and rights holders. In addition, we show respect for, and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experience, style, and ideas.


We act in accordance with the highest standards of conduct. We are accountable in our efforts to protect national security and the public interest.

You work in a world where you always have to stay one step ahead. So do we.
We were honored to be the first Counter terrorism certifying body to meet the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024

Fair & Equitable Policy

The Counter Terrorism Certification Board (CTCB) takes pride in its commitment to fairness and equality in all its policies and procedures. Our guidelines ensure a fair and equitable certification and assessment process throughout all stages, from development and administration to evaluation and maintenance, and are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Impartiality, justice, and non-discrimination are fundamental principles that we strictly adhere to. As a certification body, we are dedicated to acting with impartiality towards all applicants, candidates, Boards of Advisers, and CTCB Examiners.

To achieve this, we apply standard requirements for examinations and certifications equally to all individuals, regardless of age, race, religion, gender, nationality, status, or disability. We do not constrict certification based on an individual’s financial position or other limiting conditions. Our policies and guidelines are implemented fairly and equally, and we refuse any commercial, financial, or other influences that could compromise the objectivity of the certification process.

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